“We open our intern program to all people, but we’re really trying to focus on women,” Diamond says, since there are only five out of 49 female project managers on staff. “That’s just a bit more than 10 percent, and we want to raise that 10 percent higher,” he adds.

DeAngelis Diamond has also enlisted a data analyst to track how many minority, disadvantaged, and veteran employees it has, in order to “measure where we are and see how we’re improving diversity within the company,” Diamond says.

The construction firm supports equal opportunities beyond its offices by donating a percentage of its profits to select charities each year and letting employees take two paid days off to assist the charity of their choice. Most recently, the company benefitted PACE Center for Girls, St. Matthew’s House and more. Diamond and co-founder John DeAngelis are also active in the fight against human trafficking, traveling internationally to assist and raise awareness. And Diamond joined as an executive producer on the documentary film Bias, which will be shown and premiering at several film festivals and other venues in 2018. It examines unconscious bias and how it affects our behavior socially and in the workplace.

All of these actions help to fulfill company’s core values and make a difference wherever possible.

“Our mission statement is to develop authentic relationships and have a positive influence on everyone we meet, and we really want that to mean everyone—regardless of where they’re from, so for our people, that’s their focus,” Diamond says.

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