Message from Mayela Rosales

Diversity is a fascinating concept. I’m an immigrant, as many people are in this country. I came from Venezuela with a bag full of dreams, and after 22 years, I have achieved the American Dream. When I decided to raise my family and build my future in the land of the opportunities, I did not know how a community could become so open and inclusive. Despite the winds of change we are facing in the nation, Southwest Florida—my home—continues to become more diverse, and each one of us, perhaps without realizing it, is preparing for the future. We have seen growth in demographic trends among our student population, families, companies and organizations, all of which reflect the need for our neighborhoods to be more responsible for connecting us to one another. It was in 2010 when the teams from D’Latinos and Gulfshore Business magazines sought to define diversity to include economic class, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity and many other dimensions. In that moment, we created the Face Awards. After seven years, we are proud of our accomplishments in recognizing people and organizations that believe in the power of diversity and inclusion.

This year, 2018 we are embarquing in a more ambitious project, the Face Diversity Summit, a daylong event to learn, live and experience how diversity and inclusion impact the different areas of your personal and professional lives.

On behalf of the Face Awards & Face Diversity Summit, founders, committee and judges, I invite you to continue, celebrating diversity, because it provides our society with unique and inspirational perspectives, helping us create ideas and changes to our future generations.

Mayela Rosales
EVP & CCO, Media Vista Group
Co-Founder of the Face Awards