Monica Dubroja

Monica Dubroja has been with Arthrex 5 years and is currently the Manager of the Arthrex Medical Centers and Wellness Program. She grew up in a small town in Lethbridge , Alberta, Canada where she obtained a BA in Psychology.

The goal of helping people seemed to be an natural quality and she knew that she had a responsibility to help others see their own potential and strive for wellness.

Her career for the past 20 years has been about health and wellness. Through the years she has worked with individuals and companies, creating life solutions, creating programs and shifting wellness as a focal point. Monica’s mission has always been about bringing innovative and effective programs to all employees, that exceed expectations and enhance quality of life for all.

Monica’s goal is to continue her passion at Arthrex, evolving wellness, creating excitement, and being a leader and role model to aid everyone in their next healthy journey. Just as Arthrex has a mission of “Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patient Better”, Monica oversees a team whose mission is “ Making Employees Better”.