Rochelle Graham-Campbell wants to shed the mainstream idea of female beauty. And she’s doing it with the help of her six businesses under Black Onyx World LLC.

Before Graham-Campbell developed her limited liability company (which is the parent company to Alikay Naturals, Be Fabulous Salon, BlackOnyx77, Rochelle Alikay, Mogul University and RISE Empowerment), she would promote natural beauty remedies via her YouTube channel. In 2008, Graham-Campbell shared her hair-growth journey online.

She’d talk about using homemade treatments inspired by her grandmother, a Jamaican herbalist. As her tresses grew, followers became more interested in purchasing her creations. In response, Graham- Campbell launched a line of products, Alikay Naturals, designed specifically to work with textured locks, not against them.

“I wanted women with textured hair to know that they were just as beautiful,” Graham-Campbell says. “For years we were kind of left out of the beauty industry.” Graham-Campbell has since built Alikay Naturals into a national name, and promotes the company with carefully selected images and testimonials from all different fans of the brand.

“It’s important that we’re sharing images of diversity, so when we’re selecting our customer photos for social media, we are making sure we’re all inclusive and we’re not just showing that pictureperfect person based on society’s standards,” she says. “We’re showing everyone so it resonates more with our consumers.”

Graham-Campbell also spends time educating women about entrepreneurship through her some of her other businesses, including Rochelle Alikay, Mogul University and RISE Empowerment. She targets women ages 25 to 45 with lectures, educational workshops and more, hoping to encourage them to become fearless, successful leaders, no matter who they are or where they came from.

“It’s really important to show other women that we can lead and run a business and be that head decisionmaker,” Graham-Campbell says. “It’s not always being in the background and having to give up our own dreams and aspirations in order to have a successful career.” Graham-Campbell, who was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and moved to Florida with her single mother at a young age, shares her own story to inspire others.

“I’m speaking [to people] primarily as an African- American woman. It’s important for me to help the next generation that’s coming to say, ‘Wow, this is a black woman and she’s successful. I can do this, too,’” she says. That’s also why each of her Alikay Naturals products bear her photo on the label. “I want these kids, when they’re doing their hair everyday and my bottle is sitting on their bathroom counter, to look over and remember, ‘if she can do it, I can do it.’”