Born in the Dominican Republic and now a citizen of the United States, Felix Lluberes knows about diversity first hand.

And as CEO of his own company—with 13 nationalities present among its three dozen local employees—it’s not as if he’s really got a choice.

“It’s not something we necessarily set out to do. It sort of presented itself through the opportunities that were out there,” says Lluberes, who founded Position Logic five years ago and runs the B2B location-based services provider from its headquarters in Naples.

“To have a company that’s going to operate internationally, you have to have respect for many different cultures.

“And if you want to truly connect with customers, it’s got to be a priority.”

At first, Lluberes adroitly races through the list of his co-workers’ homelands, “China, Vietnam, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia, Russia…” before slowing to a crawl when trying to recall the final three, “… Japan … Puerto Rico … and the United States.

“Whew, that’s a long list,” he says.

As for the practicality of coordinating communication with such a diverse staff, Lluberes and his Laos-born co-founder, Hong Long, have leaned on process-centric personality styles to smooth over any rough interdepartmental terrain.

The company provides hosted and enterprise GPS tracking platform software and location-based services. The hosted service allows entrepreneurs to start their own branded GPS tracking businesses, and the enterprise service allows corporations and government entities to increase their fleet efficiencies by installing and running the platform on their own servers.

English is the official language of the Naples office—though the company recently opened a facility in the Dominican Republic and actively recruits there—and all outgoing client emails are constructed with a no-nonsense template that both conveys respect and gets to the point quickly.

The company website has both English and Spanish versions, and plans are in the works to add a Portuguese version as well.

Lluberes says the diverse approach is essential to maintaining credibility over an international base.

“People judge how professional you are by how well you can communicate,” he says. “We are focused on awareness, clarity and execution when it comes to a client’s needs. We collaborate very well with each other, which helps develop a very articulate staff.

“We’re hiring leaders, not laborers. And when you look for people based on their leadership qualities it doesn’t matter where they’re from or what color their skin is. It’s a very big world and it’s going to be a lot bigger than just the U.S., so we’ve got to be more open and aware of that.”

—Lyle Fitzsimmons