• Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
    • Kick start the day with our first panel of experienced recruiters in a variety of industries from some of the top companies throughout the country!
  • Adding Dimension to Diversity: A Discussion on Disability, Demographics and Religion in the workplace
    • Dive into diversity topics that transcend cultural differences with our second keynote panel of the day
  • Diversity and Gender Equity in the Workplace


Leadership/Executive Track

    • Diversity and the bottom line: Engage a diverse workforce to increase profits
    • Divergent Views/Common Ground: Leadership Perspectives of C-Suite and Millennial Leaders


Human Resources/Recruiting Track

    • Attract and Retaining a Diverse Workforce – Speaker: Lee Health – Yemisi Oloruntola-Coates
    • Untangling the mystery of Visas – H-1B, E2 and diversify your workplace with high-skilled foreign labor – Speaker: Quarles & Brady, Casey Wolff


Sales/Marketing Track

  • Engaging Diverse Groups to Achieve Common Goals
  • Using Influencers and Bloggers to Reach Diverse Groups